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Umqhumo Wethu
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  • Artist: Omagoqa
  • Tracks: (2)
  • Release Date: May 17, 2024
  • Genre: Afro House
  • Updated: May 19

Omagoqa Umqhumo Wethu EP Zip Download

A highly awaited extended play (EP) by Omagoqa, titled "Umqhumo Wethu," has recently been released, which is a very exciting event for the hardcore music community.

Today, the extended play (EP) was released on streaming platforms, and it includes seven powerful tunes that are sure to fascinate both longtime fans and newbies alike.

"2am in Berlin," a track that is about six minutes long and has a high-energy tone straight from the beginning, is the first track on the album "Umqhumo Wethu."

Not only does the single highlight Omagoqa's signature strong beats, but it also highlights the advanced production skills that they specialise in.

The EP has a large number of noteworthy South African musicians that added a variety of new facets to the collection through their collaborations, which are abundant and remarkable.

The single "uZosala," which features DemiMa and the ascent, is one of the most notable pieces on the album because it incorporates an exciting combination of rhythms and verbal skill.

"iNumber Number," a song that was created in partnership with the well-known DJ DBN Gogo and Khanyisa, is sure to become a fan favourite due to the fact that it features hooks that are irresistible and loud basslines.

In addition to contributing to the EP's varied atmosphere, the track "Bafuna iMali," which features QUE DJ and Una Rams, offers a lively exploration of sound that draws listeners in and keeps them interested.

Furthermore, the title track of the EP, "Umqhumo Wethu," which features ZVRI, and the concluding song, "Indumezulu," which features General C'mamane, are two songs that exemplify Omagoqa's exceptional ability to combine upbeat beats with subjects that provoke thinking.

The way in which Omagoqa collaborated with The Other Side to create this release is already causing a stir in the worldwide music business.

The trio has successfully tapped into the transforming potential of the hardcore genre, resulting in the release of an EP that is both adventurous and distinctly Omagoqa.

Omagoqa Umqhumo Wethu EP Tracklist 👇


Bafuna iMali

By: Omagoqa



By: Omagoqa

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