SABMAG – Awakening EP | Full Album Download

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  • Artist: SABMAG
  • Tracks: (0)
  • Release Date: 25 April
  • Genre: Electronic/Dance
  • Updated: Apr 26

SABMAG Awakening EP Zip Download

The much awaited EP "Awakening" by SABMAG dropped and was well received by both the music community and fans. With five amazing and varied tracks, this eclectic music collection showcases SABMAG's deep musical research in a unique way.

The excellent opening tune, "Awakening," which lasts for 6:34 minutes, sets the mood. The voyage is continued with the next song, "3Am," which has an interesting 8:05 minute duration. After listening to the third track, "Trance," for 6:35 minutes, how could one not become engrossed in its hypnotic atmosphere?.

"Kwabangasekho," the fourth track on this album, showcases Nomvula's unique talents during its 6:04 duration, with the singer's lovely tones coming through. With an amazing duration of 7:31 minutes, the last track, "Moya," featuring the legendary Mough Mokgerehli, is an engaging listen.

"Awakening" showcases SABMAG's creative development while remaining loyal to their sound and providing their fan base with a novel and thrilling experience. It's evident that people connect with the record based on the responses that have been posted online to the EP.

This EP is a testament to SABMAG's commitment to pushing limits while staying true to their original sound and represents the finest of the band. It's worthwhile to listen to "Awakening," which has arrived.

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