Calvin Fallo Release New Single "Bicycle"

Calvin Fallo Release New Single

Although the individual responsible for creating the Amapiano sound remains a mystery, Calvin Fallo is widely recognised as a key figure in the genre and one of the pioneers who helped make Amapiano a popular hit on a national scale.

"Bicycle" is the latest single from the experienced player, who is reintroducing vintage sounds to the modelling industry.

'Bicycle' is a joint effort by Chillibite, Liquid Metsi, LesMahlanyeng, Team Mosha, and Kapa Kapa. For Amapiano artists, this year has been absolutely thrilling.

A large number of music investors are eager to back multi-talented artists, and the sound has already broken into worldwide charts.

With Bicycle, Calvin Fallo reminds his fans that he still possesses extensive abilities; the song has a natural flow and an enticing flavour that will make you want more.

Never underestimate Calvin Fallo's works, even if it has been a long since he had a major hit. His track record speaks for itself, so we have faith in his ability to pull it off again.

For those who are receptive to the wide range of Amapiano music, we enthusiastically propose this catchy new single.

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