Djy Zan SA Ends His Time with Black Is Brown!

Djy Zan SA Ends His Time with Black Is Brown!

Djy Zan SA, a hitmaker from Centurion, has quietly separated himself from Mr. JazziQ's Black is Brown albums. Following his departure from the company a few months ago, the Sgija producer has now established his own independent record label, which is known as Smooktlyrecords.

The year 2021 marked the year that Djy Zan SA was signed to Black is Brown Records. There were a number of noteworthy heats that he released on the label, such as Jaivane with Royal Musiq, and he also collaborated with a significant number of the most prominent producers and vocalists.

Over the past several weeks, the record company has made available the final of his creations in the form of an album titled G4ssed. The album is comprised of ten tracks, and among them is the song "Hamba No Zani," which is considered to be a significant banger.

Smooktlyrecords was established a few months ago, following the completion of his departure from Black is Brown records which he had previously completed. It has been said by Djy Zan SA that the new label is committed to pushing his Harvard sound while also incorporating a larger diversity of Sgija music and a more comprehensive sound.

Those Amapiano fans who have been following the development of the Sgija producer may find the departure of Djy Zan SA to be a melancholy experience.

On the other hand, we are of the opinion that the new producer and deejay has no limits but the sky. It has already been released by the label that the producer has released "HM" with Boips.