In response to Luke Ntombela, DJ Tira has threatened to take legal action

In response to Luke Ntombela, DJ Tira has threatened to take legal action

The Gqom producer has released a statement, urging the young musicians to recant her comments and give a public apology or face harsh legal action. This comes only a few days after Luke Ntombela accused DJ Tira of assaulting him.

"The allegations that have been levied against me are baseless, unfounded, and untrue," the producer said in the statement that DJ Tira issued through his manager. He also stated that these charges are inflicting great harm to the reputation of DJ Tira as well as the public's impression of him.

“Our clients have advised us of continuous assassination of their characters and brand perpetuated by your posts on various social media accounts of unfounded, baseless, and defamatory allegations against them. Such conduct from you is causing serious and severe harm to our clients’ esteemed brand and reputation.” The statement reads.

The interview that Luke Ntombela gave on the Ukhozi FM Radio station was allegedly conducted with the intention of blackmailing him, and DJ Tira warned that legal action will be taken if the words are not retracted and a public apology is not offered.

The month of May has been a terrible one for DJ Tira. They broke into his studio a few weeks ago and stole studio equipment and hard drives that included numerous of his unreleased works as well as label productions.

They also stole the label's creations. In spite of the fact that he offered a prize to anybody who might lead to the recovery of these belongings, none of his efforts to retrieve his missing items have been successful as of yet, and the charges of assault are just making his situation even more difficult.