Major League Djz Team Up With Wiz Khalifa On “Mine For The Night”

Major League Djz Team Up With Wiz Khalifa On “Mine For The Night”

With the rise of Amapiano in international music, who wouldn't want to follow the trend? Wiz Khalifa and Major League Djz release a new song that will shake playlists today. Recently released is “Mine For The Night.”

In the 80s and 90s, when Hiphop became popular globally, everyone wanted to be a rapper. African artists learned Hiphop's curves and blended them with their indigenous techniques to produce a hybrid sound, but most music was based on Hiphop.

Hiphop ruled Nigeria and Ghana until AfroBeat. Amapiano, Gqom, and Kwaito, entirely formed locally, just started to permeate the South African music mainstream and completely capture it from foreign sounds like Hiphop and House a few years ago.

Amapiano has conquered SA music and foreign areas with AfroBeat, aiming to dominate trends. Wiz Khalifa links up with Major League Djz for this strong track called “Mine For The Night.” Like in the 80s, international artists are trying to cash in on the Amapiano fad.

Mine For The Night” is pure Amapiano with a hint of Hiphop. This album displays Wiz Khalifa's skill to blend and kill any sound.

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