Number 1 by Makhadzi (Feat. Iyanya & Prince Benza)

Number 1 by Makhadzi (Feat. Iyanya & Prince Benza)

Not a single moment goes by in which Makhadzi does not provide us with a banger. I have no idea how she is able to keep up with her most popular songs, but whatever it is, we are absolutely in love with every single one of them, and we hope that she stays on top of the latest trends.

Her 2024 banger has just been released, and she has recently collaborated with Iyanya and Prince Benza on this really powerful new offering that is titled "Number 1."

Just a few hours after its release, "Number 1" has somehow soared to the top of the rankings, gathering approximately 400 thousand cumulative streams during its existence. You can immediately know from these stats that the album is of the highest quality and that it is deserving of a place on your playlist.

We are, to a certain extent, accustomed to the genres that originate from South Africa, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with merging a variety of sounds in order to construct something that is genuinely exceptional.

To produce a song that is genuinely contagious, Makhadzi has merged certain AfroBeat tastes, which were given by Nigeria's Iyanya, with her usual Bolo soundscapes. This has resulted in the creation of a remarkable record for the year 2024.

The majority of Makhadzi's followers went absolutely crazy when she initially hinted at this record on her social media platforms, and she continued to receive great reaction from her followers over the song for a considerable amount of time.

It is now that she has finally arrived with the full album, and this particular track is a drop that is perfect for any venue that has a large room.

Since its debut, the song has received something in the neighbourhood of one million streams throughout the globe. Additionally, it has been selected as the most popular song on the "New Music Mzansi" playlists on both Apple and Spotify.

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