Following a stroke two years prior, Lira announces her first show.

Lira announces her first show, 2 years after suffering a stroke in Germany.

The South African musician has been recovering and she’s finally set to return on stage.

Taking to social media, she expressed excitement as she announced her first live performance and revealed that her recovery is a miracle.

“This is where we are now !! It’s surreal ! The Return of Lira and The BASELINE FEST and CELEBRATING AFRICA DAY AT CONSTITUTION HILL on 25 May 2024. It will be my first performance with a live band after having a stroke in March 2022. This is a milestone for me and I’m absolutely thrilled. My recovery is nothing short of a miracle. At first it seemed like an insurmountable task to even be able to speak – but slowly, everyday I made progress – and now we are here,” she wrote.

Lira also expressed gratitude to her supporters.

“I’m so grateful to have your unwavering support , encouragement and patience. I CANT WAIT to see you !!!!”

Check below for details about the show: