In light of his split from Mome, Tol Ass Mo has apologized for his remarks insulting black women

In light of his split from Mome, Tol Ass Mo has apologized for his remarks insulting black women

Mongezi Mahlangu, professionally known as Tol Ass Mo released a statement about his statement made about black women in 2023.

The comedian announced divorcing his wife, Mome Mhalngu, and said he won’t be dating black women again.

However, the couple are back together after separating for some months.

In the statement released, Tol apologised for what he said, as he regrets it.

“It is with great regret that I acknowledge the hurtful and confusing statements made during this period, including my alleged disparagement of black women. I want to make it unequivocally clear that such comments do not reflect my beliefs or values. The person who made those statements was not the person I recognise as myself, but rather a manifestation of the illness and the disorienting circumstances I was in,” he said.

“This statement is an appeal for understanding and, I hope, forgiveness. I recognise my behaviour, influenced as it was by my mental health struggles and trauma, caused significant distress and disappointment. For this, I am truly sorry. My commitment is to healing and to making amends to those I have wronged. I am dedicated to regaining the trust and respect of my community, acknowledging this will require time and demonstrated change on my part.

“In closing, I strongly urge for our people to be self-aware, confront mental health issues, and never give up. Let us treat ourselves with kindness and be wary of deceptive behaviours as we cannot fully understand the impact thereof and the depth of another’s pain. I am earnestly working towards becoming a better version of myself, one I can be proud of and who contributes positively to the fabric of our society. Therapy, prayer and the support of my immediate family was what brought me out of my loss of self. I will forever be grateful for the gift of life presented to me.”


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