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  • Artist: Lady Zamar
  • Tracks: (5)
  • Release Date: 19 April
  • Updated: Apr 21

Lady Zamar Rainbow Album Zip Download

After a five-year break, South African artist Lady Zamar has returned with her third album, Rainbow. Major digital platforms allow for both streaming and downloads.

Rainbow comes after her previous album Monarch and the first single "Work For It," which was released in March. As suggested by the album's title, Rainbow conveys a lovely sense of fun in every song. The record, which features a kaleidoscope of musical inventiveness spanning a variety of genres from house, dance, and pop to amapiano, is infused with poignant lyrics and a bright palette of melodies.

The quality of this CD is enhanced by Lady Zamar's work with accomplished songwriters like Boskasie and excellent producers like the Megadrumz duo. She explores new sonic horizons while staying true to her hallmark sound, showcasing her voice development as a tribute to her journey of personal and artistic growth as she digs into themes of love, empowerment, and perseverance. Rainbow is nothing short of "Lady Zamar's creative genius, which is the ability to effortlessly navigate through diverse genres in a single album, which gives her a wider audience," according to the singer's management. "There is no doubt that Lady Zamar has crafted an album that is both timeless and contemporary, showcasing her versatility as an artist." The record offers an eclectic blend of musical influences.

Songs like "Work for It" brazenly encourage the modern female to not only aspire towards material wealth but also to understand that it comes with considerable labor. They appeal to the element of inspiration and empowerment.

Lady Zamar Rainbow Album Tracklist πŸ‘‡



By: Lady Zamar


By: Lady Zamar


By: Lady Zamar

Work For It

By: Lady Zamar

Party In Heaven

By: Lady Zamar

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