Anele Mdoda accuses Uber of robbing her makeup artist.

Anele Mdoda expresses disappointment and anger at Uber company after one of their drivers robbed her make-up artist.

Taking to Twitter, the South African radio personality narrated how her make-up artist was abused and robbed by the driver.


“My make up artist was robbed inside an Uber!!!! Guys stop taking UBER. He requested an Uber to Kempton Park. Uber guy stops let’s 3 armed men in. They drive him to Alex, tie him up and clean out his bank accounts!!!!!” she wrote.

However, what irked Anele was Uber’s response to the situation.

“Your trusted Uber says they can’t do anything. They say it’s a dead end. Yeah the dead part is us!!!!!!” she added.

Friends and followers sympathised with her; they also gave suggestion on how she can get the company accountable.

“Its not safe. This happened to me exactly with “cops” in Pretoria. Those cops will not see heaven. Luckily their friends were arrested for the same thing,” a tweep wrote.