Fatso 98 & Brandon Dhludhlu Collab on new single "Ngifuna Wena (Amalobolo)"

Fatso 98 & Brandon Dhludhlu Collab on new single

In the event that you are looking for a producer, you should never undervalue Fatso 98.

Despite the fact that he is a rising celebrity, he already has the ability to seem fairly seasoned.

"Ngifuna Wena (Amalobolo)" is his most recent track, and Brandon Dhludhlu is the one who provides the vocal support.

For a considerable amount of time, Fatso 98 has been regarded as a leading Deep House producer due to the fact that his mind-blowing productions have continuously enthralled fans. We are able to say with absolute certainty that "Ngifuna Wena (Amalobolo)" includes all of the essential elements that are required for a great House smash, and he has generously provided us with this song as part of his continuously expanding collection.

Fasto 98's "The XO Effect EP" from 2023 was his most recent official release, despite the fact that Fatso 98 has generously provided us with a number of mixes.

This sizzling new track is the first release from the renowned producer this year, and it includes the vocals of Brandon Dhludhlu, who is known for his varied range of styles.

While you are dancing, you should get ready to go closer to the speakers since this song features powerful vocals and basslines that are addicted to you.