ByLwantsa is about to release a new album titled "THE CHIP IS STALE."

ByLwantsa is about to release a new album titled

Fans are giddy with anticipation as hip-hop producer and singer ByLwansta gets ready to release his highly anticipated album, "THE CHIP IS StALE," on May 10th.

"A new chapter of the documentation of my human experience and time on this world" is how ByLwansta describes his newest work, which he claims will be an enthralling combination of unique soundscapes, genuine emotion, and thought-provoking lyrics.

Inviting listeners inside his universe, ByLwansta gives a peek into his personal journey and innermost thoughts with each tune. With its heartfelt narratives and uplifting music, the CD is sure to leave listeners feeling moved and reflective.

Akin to the imperfections in an outdated computer chip, the term "THE CHIP IS Stale" symbolises the hidden traumas and triggers that frequently go unrecognised. As she courageously explores topics like burnout, anxiety, solitude, and people-pleasing, ByLwansta urges her audience to face their own demons and put their emotional and mental health first.

Album highlights include "OFFICE DAZE," "ARE YOU PLEASED?," and "CORSA LITE MUSIC," which demonstrate ByLwansta's growth as a musician and storyteller. Whether it's a reflective ballad or an upbeat anthem, every song has its own distinct take on life and encourages the listener to find and embrace themselves.

Remember to put May 10th on your calendars and prepare to be swept away into ByLwansta's universe when "THE CHIP IS StALE" hits. You should definitely listen to this CD!