"Malambane" by Amu Classic and Kappie Takes Over the Charts

Amu Classic & Kappie have demonstrated their ability to succeed on their own without the support of a large label. They have given us a ton of hits in less than a year after turning fully independent, and today they are back with another addictive song called "Malambane," which features Djy Vino, LeeMckrazy, Mellow & Sleazy.

Ever since the ATK MusiQ group disbanded, Amu Classic & Kappie have created incredibly catchy soundscapes. Even while it doesn't bang quite the same as it did before, this recently prepared sound altered the Amapiano game and ultimately led to their placement. They are still influenced by the styles of their ATK band, but they have managed to create original melodies.

As the year is almost halfway through, it seems sense that they drop a banger, and today they give us "Malambane," starring Djy Vino, LeeMckrazy, Mellow & Sleazy. This song is a lovely explosion of mellow chords, percussion, and vocals that encapsulates the sound that helped Amu Classic & Kappie become well-known.

"Malambane" is a contagious gift. Get ready for an exciting journey into the depths of the Amapiano sound!

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