Mdu Aka TRP is now working on a new amapiano project titled "Thee Originator EP"

Mdu Aka TRP is now working on a new amapiano project titled

According to all indications, Mdu Aka Trp is having yet another successful year. Already, his first song of the year, "Makhi," which features Springle and Tracy, is ripping up the charts and has amassed close to one million streams through its popularity.

If we were to suggest that Mdu Aka Trp has become one of the most successful producers in the current Amapiano scene, we would be understating the situation.

It is only because to him that the sound has undergone such a significant transformation over the course of the past several years. He is the Pilar of the sound. His use of wood drums gave the Amapiano sound a fresh taste, which he brought across through his performance.

Keith Mduduzi Mangena, better known by his stage moniker Mdu aka TRP, is a musician who is renowned for his unfiltered use of piano components and production realism.

He creates sounds that encourage listeners to go on a journey of soulful and profound meditation. For a very long time, we have been hoping that Mdu Aka TRP, will release a solo project.

The majority of the body of work that he has published over the course of the previous couple of years has been collaborations with other individuals.

However, this is about to change as the producer has just announced the release of his upcoming solo EP, which is titled Thee Originator.

"Thee Originator" is an exciting project that has the potential to conjure the emotional and soulful aspects that have come to characterise the sound of the Mdu Aka Trp. The song "Makhi" by Mdu aka trp, which features Springle and Tracy, will be included on the project.

It will not be long until the release date and tracklist are made accessible.