Soa Mattrix “Akani” new Album

Soa Mattrix “Akani” new Album

Every sound, regardless of how contagious and beautiful it may seem, need regular inputs and additions in order to maintain its relevance. Soa Mattrix is doing his bit in ensuring that PSP maintains its position as one of the most prominent sub-genres of Amapiano by providing us with "Akani."

Throughout the history of the Amapiano music industry, Soa Mattrix has been recognised as one of the most influential soulful producers. As a matter of fact, the narrative of Private School Piano would be lacking if it did not include the mention of this magnificent producer. Soa Mattrix has once again demonstrated that he is still at the top of his game by releasing his long-awaited album, "Akani," which is a collection of absolute bangers! This album comes after Soa Mattrix has continued to stand as a pioneer in the Amapiano industry for more than five years.

The fourth studio album that Soa Mattrix has released is titled "Akani," and it is presented as a tribute to his son who shares the same name. In this project, which consists of fifteen tracks, Soa Mattrix utilises all he has learnt and gained during his career and refines it into a polished but fresh new take on PSP and soulful piano.

This project is well presented, and it has the collaboration of some of the most prominent vocalists in the Amapiano genre, including Jessica LM, Tribal Soul, Cnethemba Gonelo, Bassie, Dinky Kunene, B33Kay SA, and Murumba PitchHappy Jazzman and Maremo Violin are responsible for the melodic strings, and Soa Mattrix, Bongane, and Mdu Sax are responsible for the flexibility of the production.

The project known as "Akani" is one that is certain to leave listeners with a need to revisit the Soulful cosmos for a second time. Have fun!

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