20ty Soundz "Khwela" New 2024 Amapiano EP

20ty Soundz

Over the course of the past several months, 20ty Soundz has been releasing a series of hefty teasers after teasers in order to get his fans excited for the release of "Khwela." The producer's fire EP is now available for purchase in stores all across the world, putting an end to the lengthy wait.

Since he became a partner with Busta 929's Thupa business records, 20ty Soundz has been a name that has been causing a stir in the Amapiano music scene. Even though he has only been in the mainstream music industry for a short period of time, he has already contributed to a large number of heavy bangers with his powerful voice.

His Forever Yena song, which was released in 2023, was among the most successful records that Amazon published that year, making him one of the most intriguing new performers in that genre.

Khwela, the long-awaited extended play (EP) that 20ty Soundz has finally released, demonstrates that his vocal abilities are not an exception. This will help him further solidify his position in the music world.

This project, which consists of seven tunes, provides a multitude of lovely melodies that will keep you hooked on the Amapiano.

Thupa Industry Records, an Amapiano label that is quickly becoming an imprint that any music fan should keep their ears tuned to, is the label that is responsible for the release of "Khwela."

Collaborators such as Eager Mgijimi, Tking Mohlala, Super Mosha, Katz Apollo, Dj Shampli, Paige, Makwera, Busta 929, Nation-365, MarC, B6 Rider, Lolo SA, Mzostra, and Element Keyz are included on this EP, which is a compilation of their work.

In order to locate the ideal producers to complement his seductive voice on this track, 20ty Soundz had to do a lot of digging, and the end result is a compilation of bangers that is simply outstanding.

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