A remake of "Hade Boss" by DJ Lag in Amapiano

A remake of

It's encouraging to see genres other than Amapiano thriving. DJ Lag had the dance floor in a chokehold earlier this year with his Hade Boss tune, which featured K.C. Driller. The Gqom producer's first record of the year, the song garnered almost 10 million total streams and put him on the global radar.

Just four months have passed since the album's release when Mr. Nation Thingz, Robot Boii, DJ Maphorisa, Kamo Mphela, 2woshort, and Xduppy unleash their Amapiano version of Hade Boss, which is an even more intense song than the original.

The Amapiano Re-up of Hade Boss gives listeners a new perspective on DJ Lag's invention while revitalizing the original song. Additionally, it shows how these adaptable piano lines blend the genres of Amapiano and Gqom to create a hybrid tune that will make Hade Boss the biggest album of 2024.

Listeners have the chance to rediscover the magic and spirit of the original music from an Amapiano perspective with this thrilling Amapiano remix.