AmaQhawe Dominate with “Impumelelo EP”

AmaQhawe Dominate with “Impumelelo EP”

The South African music culture is heavily influenced by the production trio known as AmaQhawe. It is now time for them to push through our minds with this eight-track compilation of bangers that they have titled "Impumelelo." Their creative thinking has resulted in a tremendous amount of scorching bangers.

In the event that you have listened to popular songs by Springle, Pushkin RSA, and Philharmonic, then there is a significant possibility that you have also listened to the productions of AmaQhawe.

The trio made their debut in the mainstream of music in 2022, and since then, they have established themselves as a significant figure in the Amapiano arena over the course of the previous couple of years.

"Impumelelo" is an first-track collection of bangers that they have brought to us in order to further solidify their control and supremacy.

This EP is one of the most incredible Amapiano projects that you could possibly wish for. So fasten your seatbelts and savour the journey.

AmaQhawe showcases his versatility and command of a wide range of musical styles on this track, which features contributions from A-List artists such as Benyric, UncleKay, Thato TT, Tracy, Springle, Bobzin RSA, Pushkin RSA, and Philharmonic.

Impumelelo EP Tracklist

  1. Impumelelo (feat. Pushkin RSA, Philharmonic)
  2. uThandaze (feat. Springle)
  3. Eduze (feat. Tracy, Springle, Bobzin RSA)
  4. iLotto (feat. Springle, Pushkin RSA, UncleKay, Thato TT, Philharmonic)
  5. Mlekelele (feat. Benyric)
  6. DreamChaser (feat. TTS MUSIEK)
  7. Chelete (feat. Tracy, Springle)
  8. Why you back on me (feat. Philharmonic, Springle)

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