Babalwa M's "Pisces EP" is ready; view the artwork and the release date

Babalwa M's

The benefit of Babalwa M's releases is that they typically showcase Kelvin Momo's production range and diversity. Since Kelvin Momo doesn't produce music on a regular basis as we all know, if you're craving one of his new songs and there aren't any in the near future, you can check out Babalwa M instead, as whatever that comes from her pen is also infused with Momo's spirit.

Babalwa M declared a few hours ago that she was prepared for her upcoming endeavor, "Pisces." The Pisces EP is scheduled to release on Friday, April 26, 2024. The forthcoming project will consist of seven tracks, the majority of which, as everyone is aware, will be produced and mastered by Kelvin Momo.

Babalwa M's first release of the year, the upcoming Pisces EP, will undoubtedly be worth the wait. The EP will feature other previously unheard productions in addition to already released hits including "Maye Maye" featuring Kelvin Momo, Azana, and Stixx.

Babalwa M has a reputation for producing quality music, so when the project does out, we can be sure that many partygoers and groovers will find it appealing.