Ben Da Prince drops “Ixesha” single

Ben Da Prince drops “Ixesha” single

The original soulful piano prince is Ben Da Prince. Although it is not our fault that you are unfamiliar with his style of music, you can really make up for your ignorance by checking out his most recent release, "Ixesha," which features LastButton, Zuzukey, and MXHINI.

We will always remember Ben Da Prince. He is among the select few Amapiano producers that can quickly send the crowd into a frenzy of dancing. As a result, deejays that want to get their audience in that vibe have been particularly interested in his productions. With "Ixesha," the producer has boldly demonstrated his soulful relevancy and given us brand-new music that is mainstage perfection.

Large melodies and lots of energy can be heard in "Ixesha," a song that LastButton, Zuzukey, and MXHINI collaborated on. They really capture the soul of a song that inspires us to dance nonstop.

Progress benefits from the proper associations. This is just another one of Ben Da Prince's many hits since he and DJ Jaivane's collaboration became more solid.

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