"Wena" by Fiso El Musica Is Outstanding

This year, Fiso El Musica promised us unheard-of quality music, and he has delivered on that promise. He kicks off our weekend today with "Wena," another upbeat song that includes Mpho Spizzy & KNOWLEY-D.

Fiso El Musica has an advantage because he has experience in the Amapiano scene. Having been a member of the initial group to experiment with the Amapiano sound, he has gained extensive expertise about it, which has enabled him to produce numerous hits.

After less than ten years in the mainstream, Fiso El Musica has dominated local dance floors, reached the top of national music charts, and partnered with several well-known figures in the business. The producer, who is still firmly establishing himself in the music industry, has teamed up with Mpho Spizzy & KNOWLEY-D on the possibly explosive song "Wena."

It's no secret that when musicians consistently release hits, it's a hint of bigger things to come. Fiso El Musica has consistently delivered standout singles, so we know a full-length body of work is on the horizon. This one should be exactly up your alley if you enjoy Amapiano.

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