Cassper Nyovest, according to Euphonik, made AKA famous

Cassper Nyovest, according to Euphonik, made AKA famous

DJ Euphonik claims Cassper Nyovest made AKA big

Euphonik caused a stir on social media by claiming that Cassper Nyovest was the legend of his generation.

The DJ further stated that the late AKA wouldn’t have been as big as he was without Nyovest.

The claims caused a controversy on Twitter, but comments didn’t shake Euphonik as he explained why he made the claim.

“#FunFact Have ANY of you ever asked yourself why @casspernyovest, who at the time was an unknown and upcoming Hiphop act, was being interviewed by Euphonik on #MyHouse the biggest radio House music show at the time? For context: I used to be a Hiphop DJ before I fell in love with house music,” he wrote.

“@nakeddj and I used to collect music and Dj together back in the day. I used to go to the same Uni as HHP, RAU, we always connected about music and Kentphonik remixed “Lefatshe Je”. I stand to be corrected but that’s the first time a local house act remixed a local SA hiphop act. “Moving things forward.”

“I asked HHP who he thought I could feature on a house record and he told me about Cassper. We arranged for us to meet and I ended up interviewing him on #MyHouse. Why? It was time to move things forward.”

“The questions I asked Cassper were never about hating him or a genre I love but about how do you move Hiphop forward. Cassper had the talent, the hunger, the energy and the time to move things forward. I can tell you now…To move hiphop forward that was one of the most important interviews on radio because of what it motivated Cassper to do to the extent that even Aka wouldn’t be as big as he was without an opponent like Cassper. Mind you most of AKA’s hits are house music samples. Topic for another day.”

“I hope you bought it” and the comments about it ALWAYS make me smile and nod because that question moved things forward. It was the right question to ask the right guy. You don’t have to be an active player in a genre or need a pat on the back to assist it in moving things forward. Do what you can with what you have,” Euphonik concludes.