Djy Jaivane & Record L Jones Set To Release “The Reconciliation EP"

Djy Jaivane & Record L Jones Set To Release “The Reconciliation EP

It has been incredibly challenging for Djy Jaivane to break into the competitive Amapiano mainstream, years after leaving Djy Jaivane’s Simnandi records.

Record L. Jones has returned to Djy Jaivane in an effort to make one for his sins; the Soulful king greeted him with open arms, much like the prodigal son.

It is disheartening to learn that fans of Amapiano have not yet had the opportunity to appreciate the breadth of Record L Jones's producing abilities. A listen to his producing mixtape has the potential to persuade your mind and get you glued to whatever it is that he creates.

One needs more than just skill in order to be successful in a scene as competitive as Amapiano. Some of the factors that contribute to your high odds of success are the individuals you socialise with and the networking opportunities you take advantage of.

There are still a great number of varied characters in the Amapiano scene who have not yet made a break owing to the fact that they do not have the appropriate contacts.

Record L Jones has just secured a collaboration with Djy Jaivane, and this particular track will be released through "The Reconciliation EP." Record L Jones is motivated to tap into the influence of Djy Jaivane and his Simnandi albums once more.

This next extended play (EP) is not only intended for the dancefloor, but it is also intended to bring these two talented individuals together while simultaneously mending their differences. Both the release date and the tracklist will be made accessible in a short while.