Mawhoo builds her mum an R2.5 million mansion

Mawhoo builds her mum an R2.5 million mansion

No longer are artists struggling to make ends meet; those days are long gone. Millions of dollars are available to artists in today's world. In contrast to the days gone by, when musicians made the majority of their revenue from the sale of singles and albums, contemporary musicians have several sources from which they might generate cash.

If they are not getting money from the sale of singles and albums, then they would make money from streaming. This is not even taking into account the regular gigs that they get and the odd tour that brings in millions of Rands.

Additionally, artists may monetize their social media accounts and make a significant amount of money via brand endorsements. As a result of the preponderance of the Amapiano genre in the South African music landscape, musicians that work in this genre are able to take home a greater portion of the pie.

MaWhoo is an example of an artist who has flourished as a result of their involvement in the entertainment business.

It has only been a few short months since she became a mainstream figure, yet she has already been able to provide herself and her family with the luxurious lifestyle that they had always envisioned for themselves.

She has travelled to the majority of the world's countries and has adorned herself with the most luxurious automobiles and clothing.

The home that MaWhoo constructed for her mother cost her R2.5 million. MaWhoo did this out of gratitude for the one person who supported her throughout her childhood, even during the time when she and her siblings were abandoned by their father, who was a recalcitrant criminal.

“I spent approximately 2.5 million building my mother a house 😭❤🙏🏽.” – MaWhoo said on her Instagram reels.