“She is using my name for clout,” Babes Wodumo on conflict with fashion designer

Babes Wodumo, real name Bongekile Simelane sets the record straight, after it was reported that she attacked a fashion designer.

The singer’s dancer hired garments from the designer but refused to return them after using them for the purpose for which it was rented.

“I have been seeing them wearing the clothes and posting. They have not returned the clothes as promised,” she says. “They took about eight items which I could have sold. I am not looking for free publicity. I was being kind to them because they didn’t have money,” the designer said.

The designer named Philly said Babes Wodumo went to the business place with her father and entourage; the video went viral with reports that the singer attacked the designer.

Speaking to Zimoja, Babes cleared her name, and said that Philly used her name to chase clout.

“This girl doesn’t know me. She has never seen me before and is using my name for clout,” Babes said.

“I saw that she posted about me and said my dancers owe her but my name was on the front line. I arrived and asked her if my name had anything to do with my dancers owing her. She started screaming and swearing at me and she called me a sl*t widow,” she adds.

“She then started swearing at my father, and I did not like that. I have never sworn at my father. I think she was drunk so I swore back at her. She just went on talking and screaming until we had to leave,” Babes Wodumo adds.