Skweletu drops "Ngibulawa Isilwane” Album

Skweletu drops

After a lengthy wait, Skweletu has finally released his album titled "Ngibulawa Isilwane," and this particular record demonstrates the potential of the Maskandi sound.

Now gone are the days when many people believed that Maskandi should only be consumed by Zulu people from the nearby area. This is all because to the regular contributions made by singers such as Skweletu, whose actual name is Omphile Chiliza. The genre is currently making its way into the mainstream of South African music and is starting to become one of the most prominent genres in the country.

"Ikhaya lami" and "Ngiyazondlela" are two of Skweletu's most successful hits, and they have significantly altered the trajectory of Maskandi music. By means of "Ngibulawa Isilwane," the multifaceted artist has presented us with his seventh studio project, which is a continuation of his efforts to reposition the sound in such a way that it is compatible with both national and international standards.

Skweletu is responsible for the composition and writing of all twelve tracks that are included on "Ngibulawa Isilwane." This one demonstrates the variety of his tone as well as the variety of tunes that it has. With the exception of "Inja Engajola Nayo," which prominently featured Onezwa Mchunu, the album does not have any features. He is almost entirely responsible for the creation of it.

Maskandi music is highly regarded by us for a number of reasons, one of the most important of which is that these sounds are designed to be accessible to all people and all classes. To be honest, it is not a genre that is intended for the mainstream of music. It is music that is suitable for people of all ages, including the young, the old, the middle-aged, the wealthy, and the destitute. The music is all about coming together on the dancefloor, strengthening the links that we have with our ancestors, and establishing a connection between us and our origins. Additionally, the releases that Skweletu is putting out are allowing us to see the true spirit of this genre.

Ngibulawa Isilwane Album Tracklist

  1. Skweletu - Ngezwi Elilodwa
  2. Skweletu - Inja Engajola Nayo (featt. Onezwa Mchunu)
  3. Skweletu - Ngibekwe Khona
  4. Skweletu - I-Councelling
  5. Skweletu - Uyangizama
  6. Skweletu - Ngibulawa Isilwane
  7. Skweletu - Zaziwa Khona
  8. Skweletu - Bajola Emendweni
  9. Skweletu - Imikhuleko Yami
  10. Skweletu - Uthuli Lezicwe
  11. Skweletu - Lapho Uthanda Khona
  12. Skweletu - Kusile Thwasa