Stogie T to release new extended play, "Shallow"

Stogie T to release new extended play,

Stogie T has not released any new music since the release of his album titled "The Empire of Sheep (Deluxe Unmasked)" in the year 2020. This silence has persisted for a considerable amount of time. During this interim period, he has been maintaining his fans' interest by posting freestyles on Instagram and releasing a few tracks. Additionally, he has frequently collaborated with Chinese Man on other projects.

Now, he is getting ready to release a new extended play (EP) that will be dubbed "Shallow." The EP will consist of six tunes, all of which originate from the bright age of the 1980s. Due to the fact that Stogie T spent his formative years in exile, this time period holds a unique attraction for him. It was a moment of fierce battle against apartheid, but it was also a time that was defined by the development of idols such as Brenda Fassie, who packed stadiums with her concerts for large audiences.

From a sonic standpoint, "Shallow" embraces the synth-heavy sounds that are characteristic of the 1980s, invoking memories of disco and bubblegum music. Stogie T and his band did a rendition of Brenda Fassie's classic song "Too Late" after recording it for a podcast. This means that the EP even pays tribute to Brenda Fassie by reproducing the song.

With regard to the lyrics, Stogie T goes into the complexity of our world, investigating both the beauty and the defects that it possesses. On many occasions over the course of his discourse, the concept of "juxtaposition" surfaced. In the process of deconstructing his track titled "80s Love," he brought attention to the bittersweet aspect of relationships. This was demonstrated by phrases such as "Winnie in a perm love" and "visitin' Madiba in a cell love," both of which, despite their intensity, resulted in the couple's divorce.