UMngomezulu delivers “The Healing Process” EP

UMngomezulu delivers “The Healing Process” EP

Not all music is about creating dance. Additionally, it serves as a tool for us to move past our hurts and widen our minds to new possibilities. UMngomezulu's "The Healing Process EP" demonstrates this aspect of the music for us.

One of South Africa's leading producers of deep house music is Umngomezulu. With his steady productions and mixes, the producer has maintained the genre's relevance in the intricate South African music landscape. This is a break from his usual releases, but we are here for it as he delivers this potent compilation of bangers to us, taking lovers of the Deep and Soulful House sound through a melodious healing journey.

Despite the fact that our races may differ, we all want happiness, understanding, and a life free of heartbreak. UMngomezulu echoes this notion in this potent EP titled "The Healing Process."

Something Emotional Recordings releases "The Healing Process EP," which includes French August, Brandon Dhludhlu, and Cnethemba Gonelo as special guests. The five-track EP is the ideal Deep House bundle, offering us a close-up view of UMngomezulu's deepest ideas.

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