Vigro Deep Releases "Sparapara" & "Kick Drum" From His Upcoming EP "Pretoria Mob Ties"

Vigro Deep Releases

Vigro Deep's quiet is not an indication of anything. The youngster is still exceptionally powerful and energetic to this day. This scorching new track, which is titled "Sparapara," was created by him in collaboration with Focalistic, Ch'cco, and M.J., and it is sure to be another success for the year 2024.

Vigro Deep is an Amapiano personality who you should not overlook since he has a seemingly ever-growing catalogue of furious releases that are fuelled by a producing talent that cannot be subdued.

He has not failed to refresh our playlist with truly infectious melodies, and today, he returns with "Sparapara," which features Focalistic, Ch'cco, and M.J. This song is a follow up to "Kick Drum," which was released in March.

Although it has been a long time since we received an explosive international banger from him, he has not failed to do so.

The music of the Amapiano has developed over the course of the past ten years, and during this period, novel components and genres have been incorporated into the sound, while previous ones have been progressively eliminated into the background.

In spite of the fact that this is something that occurs with virtually every sound and genre, we believe that it is high time that older components were brought back into today's dancefloors. This is exactly what Vigro Deep wanted to do with their most recent release.

In the song "Sparapara," Vigro Deep returns to his hard style trance, which is so well-liked by his fans. The collaboration between Vigro Deep, Focalistic, Ch'cco, and M.J. is a sight to see, as the angelic voices of Focalistic, Ch'cco, and M.J. match marvellously with the ethereal soundscapes that Vigro Deep creates.

Vigro Deep - Kick Drum

Vigro Deep - Sparapara