Wandi Ndlovu moves to Nigeria in order to work as a stripper

Wandi Ndlovu moves to Nigeria in order to work as a stripper

Wandi Ndlovu has dumped South Africa for Lagos, Nigeria to become a stripper.

According to Zimoja, the content creator now works as an exotic dancer at a nightclub in Lagos.

Wandi was introduced to South African show business on season one of the reality shows, as an Only Fans content creator, and sex worker.

Friends of the stripper said she’s sold off all her properties to move to Nigeria.

“She couldn’t resist the offer; the money was too good.”

Wandi now works at Silverfox Exotic Night Club on Victoria Island in Lagos.

“She sold all her belongings, furniture, and valuables on Facebook marketplace and moved last week.”

“She gets paid in dollars. She is not settling for the poverty in SA, I am glad she is going where the grass is greener,” the friend jokes. “She is making more money there, and she is what the market needs.”

It was further said that the company reached out to Ndlovu, hence she shut down her South African business and moved to Nigeria.

“She up and left. Her family is still here. She also closed down her online clothing business but is thinking of continuing in Nigeria once she is settled.”

“Her mom in particular is not very excited about the decision, but she is stubborn, and she does as she pleases. But she said, maybe after a year or so, she will come back or go overseas.”