Supta Fatally Survives Car Crash

Supta Fatally Survives Car Crash

A automobile accident that came dangerously close to taking Supta's life occurred a few hours ago when he was on his way back from a performance.

The automobile that the House and Amapiano producer was driving was involved in a collision and somersaulted many times, resulting in the car being completely destroyed; but, mercifully, no lives were lost.

South Africa has seen a greater number of performers lose their lives as a result of automobile accidents than any other cause.

It is still fresh in the memories of many Amapiano listeners that Mpura and Killer Kau have passed away, and it is a relief to know that another piece of news that would have been so upsetting and terrible to fans has been avoided.

This disturbing information was revealed by Supta on his social media accounts with the remark, "God said NO! Not on my watch! Not with my son!"

It is now the height of Supta's career. Not only has he gained a relationship with Empire Records, but he has also just managed to secure a residency at YFM's YTKO sessions.

View the photo below to see the wreckage of Supta's vehicle.