Prince Kaybee denies allegations of music theft

Prince Kaybee denies allegations of music theft

In response to Botlhale Phora's accusation that he stole his music, Prince Kaybee has given his denial.

The finalist of the South African version of Idols released a video in which he disclosed that the musician had stolen his tune some years after delivering it to him over email.

The DJ further discussed the singer in the video that went popular on social media after he criticised her on Facebook. The footage became viral on social media platform.

In response to the matter at hand, Kaybee expressed his regret for the insult and provided an explanation as to why he shared such comments.

“The intention was not to insult anyone, I got worked up by the allegations that aren’t true. I still stand by my previous stance, I don’t know him, I have never received or replicated his song and I do not use that email address because I have a personal email,” he wrote.

Another thing that the music producer did was take his time to explain the differences between his tune and the one that the vocalist was performing.

“To address the songs, we can all hear they are two different songs, in different keys and don’t even share similar chord progressions so to say I stole the song is reaching really.”

“Yes you might argue he thought of me when he did the song hence it emphasises my approach and energy in making songs maybe but thats still a long shot. The song in question was produced from the same template I used to do Charlotte thats why its the same chord progression and other songs in the same key or different. Apologies for my approach but we say a lot of things when angry and thats exactly how I felt.”