Seven celebrities who looked the worst at the 2024 Oscars

Seven celebrities who looked the worst at the 2024 Oscars

The highly anticipated Oscars 2024 were full of glamour, fashion, and a few fashion misses.

When Hollywood stars gather to celebrate movies and give out awards to the most deserving films and actors, we are sure to see some fashion fails.

Here are seven of the worst-dressed celebrities at the Oscars:

1. Ariana Grande

When we saw Ariana Grande in this look, we said, “Thank you, next.” For someone so petite, the excess fabric was too overwhelming; she would have looked better in a ball gown. Plus, that colour of pink washed her out.

2. Emma Stone

She might have won best actress, but she was one of our worst dressed. What in the world is that large peplum that looks like carbon paper? Even in 2012, when peplums were trending, no one would wear such a ridiculously large peplum.

3. Emily Blunt

If we even look past the fact that the cloth hung ridiculously on her shoulders, can we unsee the underwear cut out on her dress? No, we can’t.

4. Dwayne Johnson

Can someone tell me why Dwayne Johnson is wearing a rumpled silk suit?

5. Julianne Hough

Imagine someone wearing the largest trousers you can think of to the Oscars. Just why? The jumpsuit lacks fitting, and it’s so unflattering. Was she trying to look goofy?

6. Erika Alexander

This gown looked like chaos and disaster. It looked like a toddler thought of it, and a tailor sewed different colours and textures of fabrics in the most asymmetric shape ever. On another note, why the gloves?

7. Jamie Lee Curtis

When it’s not a funeral but an awards show, why wear a straight black gown with no form, shape, or style whatsoever?

Hopefully, these fashion offenders learn and do not repeat the same mistakes at the next award show.